Researchers have provided substantial evidence of the Pollyanna Principle. They found that people expose themselves to positive stimuli and avoid negative stimuli, they take longer to recognise what is unpleasant or threatening than what is pleasant and safe, and they report that they encounter positive stimuli more frequently than they actually do.

Has Australia become too negative?
by Bob Selden, June 2016

Since returning to Australia after living overseas for seven years, one of the things that has struck me is the negativity of our language.  “No problems”, “No worries” (I’m even getting these in emails and texts now) have replaced “That’s Okay”, “It’s fine”, “Sure thing”, and in shops “My pleasure” and “You’re welcome”. The country sayings of “She’ll be right” and “She’s apples” have virtually disappeared although I’m told you can still hear these occasionally outback.

Although I’ve heard “No worries” referred to as “the national motto” of Australia, it is extremely negative.

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