If you assiduously follow these three steps, I can personally guarantee you’ll become more positive in your outlook, your self-image and self-esteem will greatly improve and you’ll start to see many opportunities that other less positive people will miss.

How I beat cancer
by Bob Selden, July 2016

On the 12th April, 2015 I decided I needed to do more exercise and get fitter – ride my bike more.  By 16th April 2016 I had completed 369 days straight on either the road bike or the home trainer.  My starting mantra was “I’m now riding my bike regularly each day”.  Notice how this is expressed in the present tense rather than “I am going to start exercising (today/tomorrow)”.  Science has proven that the brain responds by at least 25% more actively to words that are expressed in the present tense rather than the future – it seems to think that the action is already happening, so it visualises us having already started the new regime.  Clever brain!

All of this is by way of introducing the 17th April 2016 when I got out of bed feeling unwell and did not want to exercise.  I’d had a dry cough for about three weeks without any other symptoms. My astute GP said “I cannot find anything wrong, therefore there must be something wrong, I’ll send you for X-rays”.  Short answer – I had cancer, lymphoma and before I could make it to the specialist appointment some days later, was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. Continue reading “Cancer”