Bob Selden – short bio

Does management training have to be painful

Bob is Managing Director of The National Learning Institute, an international training organisation specialising in helping managers become better managers.

He’s the author of “What To Do When You Become The Boss”, a best-selling book (55,000 copies sold and published in four languages) for newly promoted managers. The book has received worldwide acclaim, particularly from trainers and practising managers who appreciate its practical tips for getting things done through people.

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What To Do When You Become The Boss

He’s also coached at one of the world’s premier business schools – the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne Switzerland and the Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia.

Bob has conducted successful assignments throughout Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia, across a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sectors including, finance, insurance, legal, computing, manufacturing, brokerage, real estate, health care, transport, building and construction. He has consulted and worked with first line supervisors through to Chief Executives in these organisations.

Bob’s enjoyed remarkable success designing and developing executive and senior management development programs, applying his own experience together with recognised instructional design techniques to provide sound and effective learning and development experiences. He has a particular interest in the development of customer service cultures within organisations

During his career, Bob has experienced first hand the challenges of both line and senior management roles. Prior to commencing his consultancy work, his previous corporate role was as Senior Manager Policy & Planning for the State Bank of New South Wales where he was responsible for setting the HR policy for the bank. This hands-on managerial experience together with his extensive consultancy work enables him to provide advice and assistance to organisations that is always practical and applicable.

On returning from a seven year stint in Switzerland in 2009, Bob and his wife Anita spent two years in the Manly area of Sydney (to get Australia back into their system) before finally settling in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Bob’s a keen cyclist and gardener and really enjoys the great outdoors.

Bob’s now launched his second book “Don’t: How using the right words will change your life”. “Don’t” sets out those negative words and phrases to avoid – the ones that create negative thinking in our brain and result in negative behaviour – and then suggests some words and phrases that do just the opposite. The end result? People start to use positive words which activate the positive parts of our brain which then results in positive behaviour.

Bob will welcome your questions and comments on all things to do with management and communication – please contact us.