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Don't: How using the right words will change your life

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DON’T  has been listed as a finalist in two categories of the Indie Book Awards for 2018 –

  • Best book: Self-Help, Non-Fiction
  • Best cover design: Non-Fiction

DON’T – the new book from Bob Selden

Why do some people seem to have all the luck? The answer is simple: people with a more positive outlook can recognise opportunities that others miss. How? By converting negativity into a powerfully positive working and personal life.

Magnifying glass - smallBob Selden’s new book ‘DON’T’ shows you how to avoid the negativity in your life and your relationships. ‘DON’T’ shows you how to filter out negative words and phrases which create both negative thinking in your brain and negative behaviour in your life. The book suggests words, phrases and actions to encourage the very opposite of negativity. You’ll soon learn how positive words can and will activate the positive parts of your mind. 

Bob Selden’s ‘DON’T’’ answers the question ‘can the words we use in general conversation actually impact our relationships?’ The answer is yes, we do behave according to the words we hear and use. For example, recent studies show young male drivers increase their speed when they hear words like ‘tough’ and ‘rough’ – yet words like ‘pink’ and ‘gentle’ make them slow down. We are surrounded and misled by thousands of negative messages every day.

Using multiple how-to examples, scientific studies and stories from real-life, ‘DON’T’’ is packed with practical insights into what makes us who we are. Discover how to transform your working and personal life into positive successes which flows from a new understanding of positive action and perception.

What makes some people more successful and dynamic than others? Is it luck, upbringing, training? Or could it be something as simple and powerful as the words we use? Read Bob Selden’s new book ‘DON’T’’ and take a new path.

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If you’d like to find out more about “Don’t” please email me … and after you’ve put some of the book’s ideas into practice I also invite you to email me. Together we’ll discuss your results.


Bob Selden is Managing Director of The National Learning Institute, an international training organisation specialising in helping managers become better managers since 1995.  Find out more …

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Bob’s also the author of “What To Do When You Become The Boss”, a best-selling book (55,000 copies sold and published in four languages) for newly promoted managers. The book has received worldwide acclaim, particularly from trainers and practising managers who appreciate its practical tips for getting things done through people. Read more …